Rebecca Lynn Hime

October 2002

Preschool 02
My Preschool picture

Becky & Momma

Becky & Gramma

"These are my golf clubs!"

"I got some ice cream for me and my friend!"

"We found some punkins!"

Gramma brought these mittens back from Norway. One of her relatives made them for Becky.
e wanted them to be able to see her with them. Becky just loved them. She calls them her Moose Mittens

Bestemor føredd disse mittens rygg fra Norway. En av hennes slektninger laget dem for Becky.
Vi villet ha dem ser henne med dem. Becky elsket dem akkurat.

(Hun kaller dem hennes moose mittens)

"These are my Moose Mittens Gramma brought me from Norway!"

"Disse er min moose mittens bestemor føredd meg fra Norway!"

"See my pretty Moose Mittens!"

"Se min vakker Moose Mittens !"

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